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B Superb Painting Corp


About Bsuperb Painting Corp. 

With many professional references from Sifton Properties, Royal Oak Homes, Michaelton Homes, PI Homes, WillowBridge Homes, Starwood Homes, Jason Homes, etc., Bsuperb Painting Corp. has been a successfully running business for over seven years. Just recently, within the last year, we have been known to be the top residential and commercial painters throughout London, Stratford, Kitchener, Toronto, and surrounding areas. Painting for the majority of top custom homes, and commercial properties. Bsuperb Painting Corporation would like to mention having a team of 18 professional painters and four of our own sub-contractors, we guarantee great timing for any project provided to us. With our contractors' and customers' consent, we would like to extend our business by providing you with great service and satisfaction. Our paint-providing contractors, like Benjamin Moore, Dulux Paints, Sherwood William’s, and many more, are guaranteed to use quality contractor paint. If I can assist your business, we can guarantee you peace of mind and the best paint job you have yet seen.

Our Services

Exterior Painting 

Over the past 7 years, we've provided the best exterior painting around London and surrounding areas!

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Interior Painting 

Some of Bsuperbs custom quality projects. 

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